7 Latest Businesses For Sale In Mpumalanga

The province of Mpumalanga in South Africa is a beautiful hinterland which presents a variety of views that mesmerise onlookers. From striking gree...

  • 7 Latest Businesses For Sale In Mpumalanga
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    7 Latest Businesses For Sale In Mpumalanga

    The province of Mpumalanga in South Africa is a beautiful hinterland which presents a variety of views that mesmerise onlookers. From striking green vistas to majestic mountains and the salubrious weather make it a relaxing natural abode. The economy of the province is majorly driven by its abundant natural resources. Over 80% of South Africa’s coal is mined from Mpumalanga, and it is a significant producer of gold, zinc, platinum, cobalt, manganese, copper, and iron. It is home to three of the largest powerhouses in the country.

    Additionally, its fertile soil allows the growth of a diverse range of produce. To support the fast-growing tourism industry, the government has invested in the development of various infrastructure-based projects focussing on better transportation and other structures. With the economy showing all the positive signs of sustainable development, it has attracted the attention of entrepreneurs who plan to acquire a business for sale in South Africa.

    The prominence of the province which is on its way to expand its industrial base and commercial activity has made it the first choice among business buyers who wish to expand their portfolio or start a new career. If you are one of them then here is a list of the latest businesses making the most noise in Mpumalanga.

    1. Restaurant Business For Sale

    The restaurant industry in the country is experiencing a steady growth as stable players hog the market. Over 85,000 restaurants are operating smoothly in the nation with many being street stalls and others being full-service restaurants serving exotic menus. The largest chain of home-grown restaurants is Famous Brands Ltd. Also, the fast-food restaurants have been going up the charts with mass popularity.

    McDonald’s and KFC have grabbed a significant share of the market. South Africans love fast-food and it is quite evident in their consumption of food. If you wish to own a business in Mpumalanga, then click on the link below to browse through the listings of restaurants for sale.


    2. Training And Business Coaching Firms For Sale

    Business coaching has been slowly gaining momentum in the country as the number of qualified and experienced coaches is increasing. South Africa ranks among the top ten countries which have the biggest number of coaches. Business coaching and training is much in demand as various organisations look for consultants to improve their productivity and efficiency.

    If you have the right qualification and recognised experience in the domain, you can try your hand at acquiring such a firm. It comes with very low overheads as you only have to spend on the staff and their management. Whether you wish to mentor students or give seasoned advice to companies, it helps in generating great returns. Thus to find some fantastic business offers, check out the link given below.


    3. Hospitality and Tourism Business For Sale

    Tourism is a huge industry in South Africa and more so in Mpumalanga which is home to the stunning Blyde River Canyon and the lush Kruger National Park. The spectacular view of the Blyde River Canyon is a major tourist attraction for being the world’s third largest canyon. The Kruger National Park is another hotspot for travellers, which throws up many adventurous activities for the excitement seekers.

    Though the economy of the country has been sluggish, the tourism industry continues to grow with full force. It contributed 2.9% to the GDP in 2016 and created over 40,000 jobs from 2012 to 2016. In 2017, the turnover of the sector was R136.1 billion. Every tourist who visits the country comes to the canyon which has ramped up hospitality businesses in the province. If you too want to become a part of this resilient sector, then click on the link below.


    4. Hardware Business For Sale

    From home improvement and gardening to tools and electrical retailing, hardware retail businesses are going great in the country. South Africans spend close to R31000 per second in retail stores. All the necessities related to home improvement available in hardware stores make 7% contribution to the South African retail industry which is above pharmaceutical, household furniture and other retailers. It is growing at a fast pace and is among the big players in the market. If you want to become the owner of a known brand in this industry, then click on the link below.


    5. Food-Based Business For Sale

    From restaurants and coffee shops to fast-food chains, takeaway shops and catering businesses, the industry has many food based segments which are all performing positively. Food and beverage are the most promising domains in the African continent and the sector will grow by 4%-7% by 2020. Many investors are putting money into the industry as people are spending more money on food being ordered from fast-food restaurants and coffee shops.

    The rising fuel and VAT costs have increased the prices, but it has not deterred people from dining out. The revenue generated by the food and beverages sector soared by 5.6% in 2018 when compared with the figures from 2017. Food-based businesses have always been profitable in the country. If you want to take part in this thriving process, then click on the link below.


    6. Manufacturing And Industrial Business For Sale

    The manufacturing and industrial sector has received a plethora of investments in the recent past which indicates that the domain is all set to prosper. The total contribution of the manufacturing industry in South Africa to the GDP in 2018 was 13.53%.

    The government is planning to get funding of $100 billion from Foreign Direct Investment in the sector to support the economy. Food and beverages and automotive products are the significant players in the sector followed by communication equipment and electrical machinery. If you want to make the most of this profitable opportunity, then look for the best options on the link below.


    7. Employment And Recruitment Business For Sale

    The staffing sector has become a great support system in South Africa as it has helped to reduce unemployment. They have been offering temporary positions as well as permanent jobs to eligible candidates and adding the required experience to their CVs.

    Online recruitment portals have prompted the growth of the sector which has helped to harness the talent of employed candidates. Thus the sector has been undergoing a lot of transitions with the advancement of technology and staffing is becoming an important sector. If you wish to become a part of this developing domain, then click on the link below.



    Mpumalanga is the place where the sun rises and its light has been shining brightly on its flourishing industries which are experiencing a boom. If you intend to purchase a business for sale in South Africa, then look no further than Mpumalanga which is primed for growth.

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