Top 4 Businesses for sale in Randburg

There are many compelling reasons why you choose the existing Business to Sell in Randburg over the new one. In start-ups, you have to st...

  • Top 4 Businesses for sale in Randburg
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    Top 4 Businesses for sale in Randburg

    • Thursday 2nd of November 2017
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    There are many compelling reasons why you choose the existing Business to Sell in Randburg over the new one. In start-ups, you have to start everything from the scratch. Even though new business owners put all their efforts to make it profitable but due to lack of customer base and experience it risks in ending up a failure. Any individual would like to invest his capital in a business in which less risk is involved.

    Existing business is less risky as you have to work on a well-established model. There are many 'Businesses for sale in Randburg' which has attained overwhelming success.

    You will find multiple businesses for sale in different categories in Randburg. The wide array of categories includes Franchise For Sale, Restaurants For Sale, Retail businesses for sale, Food-Related Businesses For Sale, Educational businesses for sale, Cafe And Coffee Shop For Sale, Real Estate Agency For Sale, Butcher Shops For Sale, Hospitality and Tourism businesses for sale, E-Commerce businesses for sale and many more.

    You can buy or invest in any such business to gain huge profit. Here are the ‘Top 4 Businesses for sale in Randburg.’

    Fast Food Franchise Combo Store

    Location: Gauteng - Randburg

    Category: Franchise

    Asking Price: R 3,200,000

    It is a fact that venturing out of the traditional business is very risky. But due to transformation in the business style, a budding entrepreneur will never hesitate in trying the new way of doing a business. People love food hence serving them what they want will make you happier. Buying a food franchise is always a good deal to crack. There is a strong reason to believe why more people are choosing food franchising as their business because it is more profitable.

    There is a fast food franchise "Combo Store" in the Randridge Mall in Rand Park Ridge. You will find this store offering Seafood / Chicken and Grill in the first brand and the second brand offers wood fried Pizza and Pasta. If you opt for food franchising means you are getting brand recognition in return. The core benefits of buying a Fast Food Franchise are it comes with an established supply chain and distribution, comprehensive management and staff training and ongoing operational support, Franchise and Marketing support, etc. Hence, it ensures a sure success.

    You can find a wide array of Fast Food Franchise for sale in Randburg. But selecting the right one is essential. Customer trust brands so the franchise has made your job a lot easier. So, you can’t afford to overlook this business as it generates huge capital.

    For detailed information about this Fast Food Franchise Business for Sale in Randburg

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    Cafe and Coffee Shop in Huge Mall

    Location: Gauteng - Randburg

    Category: Cafe and Coffee Shop

    Asking Price: 1,650.000

    Do you have any plan to open a coffee shop? Maybe you are hesitating to pursue this idea as you are not ready to face the hassle of the competitive market. There is a list of questions left unanswered. Like, Is this business worthy to buy? Is it the right time to start this business? So, here is the answer. The only basic requirement for choosing this business is zeal to do this. If your basics are right, just buy this business you are interested in.

    This coffee shop is located in a top mall in Johannesburg North. They have been successfully running this business for over 15 years. One most important aspect is that they have steady and strong growing customer base. And you can operate this business without any intervention. The more established business you buy the more capital you will generate. Another important aspect is that the selling price excludes the perishable stock and all stock will be calculated by the taking over date.

    For more information on this Cafe and Coffee Shop for sale in Randburg

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    Well Established Bicycle Shop for Sale

    Location: Gauteng - Randburg

    Category: Real Estate Agency

    Asking Price: R 200,000

    There is a huge prospect of the bicycle business in the years ahead as people believe in an eco-friendly vehicle and due to this aspect; it becomes the most preferred one. So are you ready to buy a Bicycle Shop? If yes, then browse our buying business resources and you will be able to fetch much information regarding this business. There is a wide array of bicycle business having sound years of existence in this industry.

    This busy little bicycle shop for Sale in Florida is in this business for more than 42 years. If you buy this business you will get a good location to work. Then you will also get the potential customers. Last but not the least you will get a lot of exposure to work. This business is very fruitful for all those buyers who are passionate about bicycle and are looking for the hassle-free business. The people working in this business know how to convert difficult prospects into happy, sold customers. So, choosing the bicycle business is a good decision.

    For more information on this Bicycle Shop for Sale in Randburg

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    Beautiful Kiddies Toy Shop

    Location: Gauteng - Randburg

    Category: Retail

    Asking Price: R 195,000

    In an existing business, you get a well-executed business plan and you can include your goals to further break them into workable sections. You have a master list of things you have to work on and goals you need to achieve. If you go for the toy business in Randburg, you will definitely accomplish your target.

    It is a beautiful toy store located in the prime location. This firm is currently run by the manager. This is a successful business which generates good profit from the day one. With your business plan, you can further increase the net profits. If you take over this posh location business then it is worth your dream business. You can bargain at R195k! Moreover, the price excludes stock of approx. R100k. You can go through this link to access the detailed information about the business.

    For more information on this Toy Shop Business for Sale in Randburg.

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