5 Latest Business Opportunities in Durban 2018

Durban is the second largest metropolitan cities in South Africa. It is ranked in the top 20 fastest developin...

  • 5 Latest Business Opportunities in Durban 2018
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    5 Latest Business Opportunities in Durban 2018

    • Tuesday 10th of April 2018
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    Durban is the second largest metropolitan cities in South Africa. It is ranked in the top 20 fastest developing cities in Africa, followed by Cape Town and Johannesburg. The city has the highest number of luxury real estate buyers and is perfect for long-term investments.

    From commercial sector to tourism sector, Durban has grown its diversions in last few years. Whether you are planning to start a new business or want to own an existing firm, the city offers everything to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey.

    There you can find well-established businesses and franchise for sale in South Africa to world-recognised business models that enable you to commence your own set-up with low startup and operational costs.

    If you are also finding difficulties in arranging funds for your startup, then buying a well-rooted business would be an ideal decision for you.

    Here are the 5 latest business opportunities in Durban 2018 that you can pick according to your business needs and goals.

    1. Restaurant and Take Away Business for Sale

    Location: Durban, KwaZulu Natal

    Category: Restaurant

    Asking Price:R230,000.00

    Do want to start your own restaurant business in Durban but unable to find potential investors? No worries. This restaurant and take away business is now available for sale in the prime location of Glenwood.

    This business is perfect for those who don’t have any prior experience in running food-related businesses or restaurants. The best part about the business is that it is located close to the schools, colleges with lots of foot traffic.

    Key Features:

    • Generate high income
    • Low overheads with high returns
    • A great investment opportunity
    • Flexibility to extend the business
    • Loyal clientele base
    • Equipped with well-trained staff
    • No experience is needed
    • Growth potential is high, etc.

    For more information on Restaurant and Take Away Business for Sale in KwaZulu Natal, Durban https://www.business2sell.co.za/businesses-details/restaurant-and-take-away-for-sale-in-glenwood.php

    To view more Restaurant Businesses for Sale in Durban https://www.business2sell.co.za/businesses/kwazulu_natal/durban/restaurant

    2. Garden and Tree Service Business for Sale in Hillcrest

    Location: Durban, KwaZulu Natal

    Category: Garden and Tree Services

    Asking Price:R530,000

    In today’s competitive business world, most of the small business owners are buying well-established companies instead of starting new ones. The key reason for this change is the rising complexity of arranging funds for start-up businesses, and another one is the increasing percentage of start-up failures.

    In order to avoid both the situations, people are taking over a well-established business, and one of them is this beautiful garden and tree service business.

    The business is available for sale in Hillcrest, Durban, KwaZulu Natal at the asking price of R530,000. It is a unique yet profitable business. With the endurance to deliver top-quality gardening services, the company has been servicing their prestigious customer base on a regular basis.

    If you are an environment lover and wants to operate this kind of a business, then this is the right opportunity for you.

    Key features

    • Recession Proof Business
    • High income potential
    • Easy to run
    • Work from home option
    • 5 highly-trained staff members
    • Integrated with Mahindra 2.5 bakkie
    • Included high-end gardening tools and latest technology accessibility
    • Busy operation, etc.

    For more information on this stunning garden and tree service business for sale in KwaZulu Natal, Durban https://www.business2sell.co.za/businesses-details/stunning-garden-service-in-hillcrest-with-new-bakkie-trailer-and--235631.php

    To know more about Garden and Tree Service Businesses for Sale in Durban https://www.business2sell.co.za/businesses/kwazulu_natal/durban/garden-and-tree-services

    3. Car & Taxi Wash Business for Sale

    Location: Durban, KwaZulu Natal

    Category: Car Wash

    Asking Price: R850000

    Starting a car detailing and washing business requires a lot of money and effort. From finding a suitable workshop to recruiting proficient staff members, everything can be stressful and annoying. Despite all your efforts, you can’t guarantee success.

    So, it is better to opt for a car washing business that already has a loyal customer base, proven strategies, tried and tested marketing plan and scope for growth. If you want all these features, then buy this super-amazing car and taxi cleaning business, which is now available for sale in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

    The business specialises in cleaning all types and sizes of cars and has an average monthly count is approx. 1500 vehicles for in-depth cleaning and detailing services. There is a huge potential for growth, and you can earn more money by including additional activities.

    Key Features

    • Offering a complete range of services from car washes to engine and undercarriage cleans
    • A spacious site for vehicles
    • Fully secure site as it has 4 camera systems
    • 10 Staff + a manager
    • High profit margins with low overheads
    • Growth Potential, etc.

    For more information on this Car and Taxi Wash Business for Sale in KwaZulu Natal https://www.business2sell.co.za/businesses-details/car-and-taxi-wash-and-valet-237183.php

    To view more Car Wash Businesses for Sale in Durban https://www.business2sell.co.za/businesses/kwazulu_natal/durban/car-wash

    4. JOMSOM Staffing Services

    Location: Durban, KwaZulu Natal

    Category: Employment and Recruitment

    Asking Price: R69000-112500

    JOMSOM Staffing Services is giving you a fantastic franchise opportunity in the prime location of Durban, KwaZulu Natal.

    This franchise model has everything that can make your entrepreneurial journey a success. Through their expertise and guidance, you will be able to assist different sizes of businesses and individuals in finding the right candidates and jobs quickly and easily.

    The franchise business is scalable and offers a great opportunity for growth and higher sales in a short time span. With the aim to build long-term relationships with clients and candidates, they offer you in-depth training sessions along with proven marketing plan.

    If you also want to help local employers and job seekers in finding the right options, buy this franchise business now.

    Key Features:

    • Recession-Proof Business
    • Low Investment and instant startup
    • Growth opportunity
    • Proven Franchise Model
    • Brand Awareness
    • Multiple Revenue Streams
    • Flexible
    • Customer-oriented business,etc.

    For more information on this JOMSOM Staffing Franchise for Sale in KwaZulu Natal, Durban https://www.business2sell.co.za/businesses-details/jomsom-staffing-services-69846.php

    To view more Employment and Recruitment Businesses for Sale in Durban https://www.business2sell.co.za/businesses/kwazulu_natal/durban/employment-and-recruitment

    5. Deeksha Education Consultancy

    Location: Durban, KwaZulu Natal

    Category: Educational, Franchise

    Asking Price: RP.O.A

    Have you ever thought of buying an educational franchise model? If no, then this is the right time. Deeksha Education Consultancy is giving you a great opportunity to be your own boss while assisting Indian (International) students to pursue their higher education in South Africa.

    The company has a huge franchise network and you can be a part of their group if you know how to encourage students to enrol themselves in South African universities and institutions.

    This would be a fantastic deal for those want to establish themselves as one of the leading franchise models in South Africa’s educational sector.

    Key Features

    • Robust Franchise Model
    • No Joining Fees
    • Comprehensive Training Sessions
    • Affiliated with reputed colleges and universities in Durban, KwaZulu Natal
    • Highly-profitable business
    • Impeccable future growth, etc.

    For more information on this Deeksha Education Consultancy Business for Sale in KwaZulu Natal, Durban https://www.business2sell.co.za/businesses-details/deeksha-education-consultancy-fantastic-and-rewarding-opportunity-60733.php

    To view more Educational Businesses for Sale in Durban https://www.business2sell.co.za/businesses/kwazulu_natal/durban/educational

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