5 Latest Business Opportunities in Cape Town for Jan 2019

The ancient city of Cape Town is often called the Mother City and is the legislative capital of South Africa. Popular for its spectacular harbour,...

  • 5 Latest Business Opportunities in Cape Town for Jan 2019
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    5 Latest Business Opportunities in Cape Town for Jan 2019

    • Wednesday 2nd of January 2019
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    The ancient city of Cape Town is often called the Mother City and is the legislative capital of South Africa. Popular for its spectacular harbour, the mesmerising Table Mountain and the stunning Cape Point, the city is known for its fascinating vistas. It represents a potpourri of diverse cultures, delectable cuisines, and charming surroundings that make it an exceptionally memorable place to visit. The astounding metropolis surprises you with its alluring street art, organic gardens, souvenir shops, afro-styled eateries and adrenaline-pumping activities. The abundance of natural beauty combined with opportunities for hiking, surfing, paragliding and mountain biking make it a sought-after tourist destination.

    It was also named the World Design Capital in 2014 and the best place to visit in the whole world by two of the leading dailies in the same year. Currently, it is viewed as an economic and commercial hub of the Western Cape Province. The city contributed 71.8% to the GDP of Western Cape in 2016 and has been growing steadily at 2.9% since 2005. The three largest sectors of Cape Town were wholesale and retail trade, financial services, and agriculture in 2015. It has also witnessed a boom in the real estate sector with a lot of investors buying summer homes in the city.

    Cape Town played the perfect host during the 2010 FIFA World Cup which led to the development of the city. A plethora of development projects are underway in its surroundings and the central business district is undergoing an urban renewal programme. Dozens of multinationals have set-up their manufacturing units here, such as Adidas, Johnson & Johnson, Levi Strauss, Yoko and many more. Tourism is also not far behind as more than 1.5 million tourists visited the city in 2010. With so much on offer, it is the ideal place to invest money and acquire a thriving business for sale in South Africa. If you have been eyeing the region to find such a lucrative proposition, then you can check out our list of top five businesses for sale in the city for December 2018. Here they are:

    1. Event Management Business For Sale

    If you are a party animal who enjoys shouldering the responsibility of the arrangements, you are cut out for this job. With access to an extensive database of clients, both corporate and individuals, this business can make a considerable income throughout the year. Also, it is so much fun to work on a variety of themes and plan extravagant events as well as family affairs. You can pick your clients as per your preference and get more clients by marketing yourself during the events.

    The industry has been growing at a fast pace and can further boost the economy of the province. As many as 3400 international business delegates visited Cape Town for various events in 2017 which is now being viewed as one of the top contenders for being a globally competitive business destination. With the acquisition of an established event management company, you will have the contact list of clients and suppliers which will help you to start earning as soon as you takeover. Additionally, there will be no hassle of finding the right people for decorations, catering, lighting etc. So if you want to become the face of such events, then check out our listings for event management businesses for sale in Cape Town, Western Cape:


    To have a look at various other options for businesses for sale in Cape Town, click here


    2. Educational Businesses For Sale

    The education sector has not seen much improvement in the last few decades in the country. Although Cape Town has many schools and universities, the system needs a thrust from the government to develop the systems and functions. It is a sector which needs more investment and thus it is the right time for its development.

    If you feel strongly about education and mentoring youth, you can take a step towards entrepreneurship armed with this motivation. There are many opportunities in the industry right from coaching classes, career counselling to consulting and guiding students. You can find your best match for educational businesses for sale in Cape Town, Western Cape, by clicking on the link below:


    For many more business opportunities in western Cape, visit here


    3. Franchise Business For Sale

    Franchise is a rewarding business which has held its strong position despite political uncertainty and challenging trading conditions a few years back. The sector contributed 13.3% to the GDP and the turnover of the industry reached R587 billion in 2017. The highest gainers in the segment are fast-food and restaurant sector followed by building, office and home services, and the retailing sector.

    The industry is known to throw up a variety of opportunities for interested buyers who wish to own a small business while being the part of a network. The advantage of training and ongoing support along with proven policies and practices makes franchising a promising proposition which can be leveraged by first-time buyers. If you plan to grow your business with a chain, then grab a franchise for sale in Cape Town, right here:


    4. Boat and Marine Business For Sale

    If you are fascinated by the sea and have a love for boats, you will be thrilled to hear about the growing importance of marine businesses for sale in Cape Town. Marine construction and repair is a growing sector in the region as boat owners make a beeline near these outlets to get their boasts repaired or overhauled. The industry has further diversified with innovations in upholstery for yachts and creative interiors creating more business opportunities for service providers.

    If you have a thing for boats and other marine equipment, then you must get into this sector to become your own boss. Long-established businesses along the harbour can prove to be the best investment plan for a novice buyer. To find such flourishing business opportunities in Cape Town, check out the link below:


    5. Employment and Recruitment Business For Sale

    Employment and recruitment has emerged as a leading sector in the last few years with millennials switching jobs frequently. The changing scenario has brought in elements like job satisfaction, congenial work culture, human resource development and others. As much as the companies are looking for the right candidates, the qualified individuals are also looking for the best places to work and gain handsome salaries.

    Recruitment has come up as a viable business option as it is a low-cost to set-up and the overheads do not exceed beyond a limit. The busy and dynamic marketplace ensures a steady flow of clients and a reputed name in the industry gets long-term corporate contracts easily. If you too wish to get into this lucrative sector and grab an employment and recruitment business for sale in Cape Town, Western Cape, check for our listings on the link below:



    Nothing succeeds like success. Thus acquiring a successful business can prove to be a smart move which can reduce the risk of failure and set you on the path of growth and accomplishment. So become an entrepreneur by opting for one of the top five businesses for sale in Cape Town.

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