10 Lucrative Business opportunities in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is a financially developed city of Gauteng, South Africa. It is the

  • 10 Lucrative Business opportunities in Johannesburg
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    10 Lucrative Business opportunities in Johannesburg

    • Thursday 25th of October 2018
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    Johannesburg is a financially developed city of Gauteng, South Africa. It is the country’s economic powerhouse which generates 17 % of gross domestic product through mining, manufacturing and service industry sectors.

    All the major mining houses and global companies such as Nokia, MacDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Toyota are headquartered in this city. Apart from this, Johannesburg is also home to the leading financial institutions/banks and insurance companies – which are making the country more stable and consistent.

    Moreover, the sustainable development of the commercial, industrial and retail sectors in Johannesburg is driving more endeavouring individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs to try their luck in the global business market. More and more people are searching for lucrative businesses for sale in South Africa to kick-start their entrepreneur career with low overheads and lesser risk.

    Here are the 10 most promising and growing business opportunities in Johannesburg.

    1. A Prime Fast Food Franchise

    Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng

    Category: Franchise

    Asking Price: R305,000

    The restaurant and other food-related businesses are doing pretty good in Johannesburg. There you can find enormous growth potential for fast food restaurants and take away businesses.

    If running a successful restaurant is your dream, then this franchise opportunity is for you. This is a well-established fast food franchise situated in the prime location of Randburg CBD. The brand is popular all across South Africa because of its high-quality standards, food variety and its value for money. It also has a proven and streamlined business process and a strong customer base to help you grow faster in the market.

    So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity and become a part of this trusted and profitable franchise model.

    For more information on this Prime Fast Food Franchise for sale in Johannesburg visit here www.business2sell.co.za/businesses-details/a-prime-fast-food-franchise-in-randburg-square-for-sale-248818.php

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    2. Well-established Slimming and Health Clinic

    Location: Johannesburg, North Brynston, Gauteng

    Category: Health and Fitness

    Asking Price: R627,000

    If owning a successful health clinic has been your dream, then this is the right time to make it a reality. This well-located slimming and health clinic has been running successfully for 17 years, and it has many franchises across South Africa.

    This particular franchise was inaugurated in 2009, and since then, it has been generating a good source of income for the present owner. Being situated in a business shopping centre in Bryanston, Johannesburg, there is an excellent opportunity to earn a good return-on-investment.

    If you specialise in Slimming techniques and muscle toning and hold years of experience in the health and fitness industry, then this business is for you. Make sure you assess all the merits and demerits before starting a franchise in Johannesburg, especially when it is related to a specialised field like this.

    For more information on this Slimming and Health Clinic for Sale in North Brynston visit here www.business2sell.co.za/businesses-details/slimming-and-health-clinic-for-sale.php

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    3. Thriving Restaurant, Bar & Grill for Sale

    Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng

    Category: Restaurant

    Asking Price: R4,500,000

    A savvy business buyer always looks for the best location for his/her business, especially when it comes to running a restaurant and bar. Being nestled in the prime area of Rosebank, Johannesburg, this restaurant business is popular among budding entrepreneurs.

    The whole architecture of the building is beautifully showcasing the amalgamation of preserved heritage and modern-day pub and grill backdrop. The business premises are divided into a new-age kitchen and bar area whereas the outlet offers a diverse assortment of delicate and authentic dishes. The cocktail list is also impressive and emphasis more on hand-crafted cocktails and mocktails.

    Whether you want to continue with this business or take on a new outlet to represent your way of presenting food is completely depend on your specific requirements. Overall, this turnkey business could be a great chance to begin an entrepreneurial journey.

    For more information on this Restaurant, Bar & Grill for Sale in Johannesburg, visit here www.business2sell.co.za/businesses-details/restaurant-bar-grill-parktown-north-246131.php

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    4. Premier E-Commerce GPS Equipment Business

    Location: Johannesburg, East, Gauteng

    Category: Business Services

    Asking Price: R1,650,000

    Starting a service-based business in the prime location of Johannesburg can be strenuous and challenging. But you can achieve your entrepreneurial goals by buying this lucrative business which deals in selling high-quality GPS equipment and brand products.

    The company has been operating successfully for eight years and has a huge customer base from both domestic and corporate sectors.

    This home-based business is ideal for couples who don’t have enough capital to run a new business from scratch.

    For more information on this Premier E-Commerce GPS Equipment Business for Sale in Gauteng, visit here http://www.business2sell.co.za/businesses-details/premier-ecommerce-gps-equipmentbusiness-for-sale.php

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    5. Privately-owned Car Rental Business for Sale

    Location: Johannesburg, North Eastern Suburbs, Gauteng

    Category: Car Rental

    Asking Price: R2,700,000 (Includes +/- 100 Vehicles)

    Grab this exceptional opportunity to own a highly-profitable car rental business, which is owned and operated privately in the beautiful city of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. The company was established 40 years back, and since then it has been serving a huge customer base and generating great revenues.

    Now, the current owner wants to sell to the potential buyer who can take this legacy to the next level. The training will be provided to help you perform the business operations from day one.

    For more information on this Car Rental Business for Sale in North Eastern Suburbs, Johannesburg, Gauteng http://www.business2sell.co.za/businesses-details/car-hire-business-for-sale-private-company-johannesburg.php

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    6. Profitable Apps Unloaded Franchise Opportunity

    Location: Johannesburg, South Africa Wide, Gauteng

    Category: Franchise, Online Businesses, Computer and IT

    Asking Price: RP.O.A.

    Build your own sales network without investing your entire capital in a new business. Apps Unloaded is trusted name in the online business industry which allows potential individuals to sell sub distributorships of smartphone applications.

    This can be the most sought-after investment opportunity that will put you at the forefront of this future-driven world. So, buy this franchise business and write your own success story.

    For more information on this Apps Unloaded Business for Sale in Johannesburg http://www.business2sell.co.za/businesses-details/apps-unloaded-a-fantastic-opportunity-with-the-market-leaders-we-57180.php

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    7. Deeksha Education Consultancy

    Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng

    Category: Educational, Franchise

    Asking Price: RP.O.A

    Deeksha Education Consultancy is one of the most recognised companies which offers high-quality services to the Indian Students who are pursuing their higher education in foreign countries including South Africa.

    The company has been operating profitably for years and now planning to expand their franchise networks in the prime cities of South Africa. Johannesburg is one of those locations that can take the business to the new heights

    A potential investor will be getting a strong market reputation, comprehensive customer support and extensive training with zero joining fees. If you want to be a part of this education consultancy franchise business, then grab this opportunity now.

    For more information on this Deeksha Education Consultancy for Sale in Johannesburg www.business2sell.co.za/businesses-details/deeksha-education-consultancy-fantastic-and-rewarding-opportunity-60732.php

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    8. Conference and Functional Venue

    Location: Johannesburg, Fourways, Gauteng

    Category: Commercial Property

    Asking Price: R25,000,000

    Nestled on 10 acres of land, this beautiful and fully-featured conference and the functional venue is available for sale now. The property has five spacious conference rooms, restaurants, spa, bakery, bar and four bedroom residence for an owner.

    It is an ideal chance to generate a higher return on investment on the purchase of this profit-generating property, situated on a mesmerising stretch of river. This property is booked for weddings, business conferences, product launches and other special events.

    For more information on this Conference and Functional Venue for sale in Fourways, visit here www.business2sell.co.za/businesses-details/conference-and-function-venue-in-beautiful-setting.php

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    9. Upmarket Ladies Boutique

    Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng

    Category: Beauty

    Asking Price: R385,000

    Buy this turnkey business which specialises in selling a creative range of stylish bags and clutches. The company has been running profitably for years, and now the owner wants to hand over this to a potential individual who can build a unique image in the existing market.

    This is one of the best business opportunities available in the best location of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

    For more information on this Upmarket Ladies Boutique for sale in Gauteng, visit here http://www.business2sell.co.za/businesses-details/upmarket-ladies-boutique-south-of-johannesburg.php

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    10. Corporate Clothing, Promotional Items Business for Sale

    Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng

    Category: Home Based

    Asking Price: R600,000

    Are you looking for a home-based business that can help you earn higher revenues with low overheads? Have a look at this business which specialises in the procurement and distribution of high-quality corporate clothing, promotional items such as banners and event planning.

    For more information on this Corporate Clothing, Promotional Items Business for Sale in Gauteng, visit here http://www.business2sell.co.za/businesses-details/corporate-clothing-promotional-items-events-232567.php

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    These are the 10 most lucrative and turnkey businesses for sale in Johannesburg. You can pick the most suitable one depending on your specific business needs and financial resources.

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