Best Cities To Buy A Business In South Africa

The continent of Africa has always been an enigmatic attraction for people, and its appeal continues to grow every day. South Africa has been at th...

  • Best Cities To Buy A Business In South Africa
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    Best Cities To Buy A Business In South Africa

    • Thursday 6th of June 2019
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    The continent of Africa has always been an enigmatic attraction for people, and its appeal continues to grow every day. South Africa has been at the epicentre of Africa’s economic growth as the population in the region is rising, and the quality of life in urban areas has enhanced manifolds. Although the country is still grappling with poverty, it has managed to improve its condition with investments prompting the development of the nation.

    The infrastructure of South Africa is trying to come at par with the western world, and the ease of doing business has magnified over the years. With a low cost of living, the urban cities are luring entrepreneurs to set up their ventures or invest in existing profitable businesses for sale in South Africa. If you too intend to follow the path of business ownership, then you must focus your energy on the top performing cities that promise a rewarding return. Here is a list of the best cities to do business in South Africa in 2019.


    The largest city of South Africa, Johannesburg is the most affluent region of the country and is termed an alpha global city. It is a prominent financial and economic centre with a contribution of 16% to the national GDP. It is highly popular for manufacturing, heavy industries, IT, real estate, banking, media, health care, retail etc. Jo’burg has some of the biggest shopping centres which are the most strategic locations to establish retail or food businesses and enjoy a steady flow of income.

    The city is home to the South African Stock Exchange, and many mining companies are also headquartered here. It has also been labelled as the best city to work in a start-up as the government is working towards reducing the crime rate and boosting the infrastructure. Many international investors are showing interest in the city due to its robust industries and economic progress. To identify the most lucrative business opportunities in Johannesburg, click on the link below.

    Cape Town

    The mother city of Cape Town is also the legislative centre as the Parliament of South Africa is housed here. The beautiful landscape of the region includes the popular harbour, Table Mountain, Cape Floristic Region etc. It has been termed as the best place to visit by several renowned publications and welcomes hordes of travellers every year. Cape Town is the second biggest economic centre in the country and also Africa’s third main business hub.

    The economy has grown by leaps and bounds in the past five years, and the services sector is booming. From finance, transport and logistics to hospitality, wood product manufacturing, and electronics – all the sectors have carved a niche in the city. It is providing tremendous job opportunities and is home to many corporate headquarters. It is the manufacturing base for various imminent MNCs and has a thriving Information and Technology industry.

    It is the land of entrepreneurs as the percentage of people owning businesses here is three times higher than the national average. If you want to become an entrepreneur in Cape Town, then check out the latest businesses for sale in Cape Town on the link below.


    The most important port in South Africa, Durban is thickly populated and entices travellers with its expansive beaches. Tourism is a roaring industry, and it has a flourishing manufacturing sector similar to that of Johannesburg. It has been ranked as the top city with the highest quality of living in South Africa due to its growing employment scene and completion of several road projects. Many international as well as national corporations are investing in the city, such as Samsung, Toyota, and Unilever to tap into its fast progress.

    The tourism has soared by 13% and the Commonwealth Games 2022 is scheduled in the city, which has led to the transformation of the region. The economy is thriving on its booming manufacturing and agribusiness sectors. If you want to set up your shop here to leverage the stable development of the region, then check out the businesses for sale in Durban right here.

    Port Elizabeth

    The windy city of Port Elizabeth is brimming with people and vibrant culture. A beach lover’s paradise, the city is famous for water sports and surfing. The industrial sector along with the tourism industry forms the stronghold of its economy. The automotive industry and the port facilities are the most sought-after domains in the Friendly City. Many of the biggest vehicle manufacturers like Volkswagen, Audi, and General Motors are stationed here and contribute enormously to the economy.

    The automotive parts companies are also prominent businesses with high demand. The Ngqura port, which can hold big vessels, is located on the international east-west trading route which makes it a commercial hub. The developing infrastructure further adds to the growth of the city. If you want to invest here, then take a look at the most profitable business opportunities in Port Elizabeth on the link below.


    The charming city of Pretoria is speckled with historical sites and lush green vistas. It is the most significant industrial hub of the country and an imminent commercial centre. The most dominating sectors include iron and steel works, railway carriage, heavy machines, automobile manufacturing, copper casting and many more. It is home to the South Africa Iron and Steel Corporation (ISCOR).

    In 2018, it was named as the fastest growing metro economy in South Africa by the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program. It claimed the highest regional growth in employment and maintained a robust increase in GDP per capita. With such a promising future, Pretoria is touted as the next investment destination. If you too want to try your luck in the city, then check out the best business for sale in Pretoria by clicking the link below.


    South Africa has been long struggling with income disparity and skill shortage, but slowly, things are moving in the right direction. With the metropolitan areas working towards development, investment and employment have improved. This is probably the best time to purchase a business for sale in South Africa to leverage the growing economic strength and financial performance.

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